Vinalhaven Restoration and Addition

Project Description

This classic 19th century Maine home located on Vinalhaven, an island 12 miles off Maine's midcoast, needed repairs that included replacing the home's sills, rewiring electrical service, major plumbing updates to allow inclusion of a new bathroom and laundry with tile flooring. The home's kitchen was completely redesigned and placed in a new location.

Completion of a new, two story addition gives this home a total of 5 bedrooms and 2 full baths as well as a new modern kitchen. Energy efficient windows in the new addition look out to beautiful views of the village/harbor and nearby pond. The goal was to repair and modernize the home while keeping plaster walls and as many of the original details of the house as possible so this family home can be enjoyed by the next generation.

Project Details

  • Location: Vinalhaven, Maine
  • Type: Stick Built /Two story addition
  • 5 bedrooms / 2 Baths
  • plumbing upgrades
  • electrical upgrades
  • new sills
  • new flooring throughout